Dealing With A Person’s Eating Disorder

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Helping a person get out of an eating disorder is a long and arduous process that requires a lot of counselling in Gold Coast. A professional is often needed.

Of all the issues that people need help with, the ones dealing with self-esteem and body image are the most difficult to come out of. The biggest problems to arise out a poor body image are disorders which affect people’s eating habits and their relationship with food.

Unfortunately, most people are dismissive of eating disorders, and the serious impact they can have on one’s life. It just does not occur to people that not eating enough or eating too much can have potentially fatal effects on their lives.

How counselling can help

People with eating disorders share an uneasy relationship with food. They have a fear about almost all food that they consume, and they are constantly thinking about what they are putting in their bodies. Some people report experiencing nightmares about eating fatty food by mistake and putting on weight. When this happens, it is time to undergo counselling. Have a peek at this article to give you more details regarding eating disorder. 

A counsellor will first assess the extent of the problem before deciding the next course of therapy. Counselling will typically take a period of a few months to years, depending on how serious the eating disorder is. While the therapy is on, the counsellor will also have to keep the sufferer motivated enough to follow the therapy and not spiral out of control again.

Counsellor’s work with the sufferer by first increasing the person’s sense of self-worth and helping him see that his identity is worth preserving and fighting for. This alone can take months of therapy, and sometimes, it can take the form of psychotherapy. The person is encouraged to reach the depths of his being and reconnect with the person they used to be before eating disorders took hold of them.

Taking counselling in a group

Just like groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, people suffering from eating disorders can take heart from group therapy and hanging out with a group of people suffering just like them. Some of these people in the group are in the advanced stages of healing and recovery, and affirmations from them can open up a new line of behaviour modification. The key is to help the person accept himself the way he is, without passing judgement on himself and hence, not causing emotional and physical harm in the future.

Such counselling often helps in reigning in disordered thoughts and hence controlling harmful behaviours. Once the thought process is corrected, the person can begin accepting his or her body type, stop associating food with harmful effects and also stop turning to food in times of depression and low points in life.