Effective Enhancement Procedures

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Who does not want to look beautiful? Everyone in this world wants to obtain attractive and sharp features so that they can look beautiful. People not only wish to get beautiful eyes but they also wish to get fuller lips. Lips are a crucial part of your face. Having a thin or irregular shape of lips might affect the beauty of your face. In this case many of the women go for lip augmentation procedures.
Procedures of lip enhancement:The lip augmentation can be done by both surgical and non surgical procedures as not all things require to be treated by surgeries. The procedure of non surgical method is mainly done through-•    Collagen fillers: In order to increase the size of saggy lips doctors generally use liquid collagen while carrying out lip enhancement procedures. The liquid collagen is injected into the lips. You will have to visit the doctor at regular intervals to get the injections so as to get the best results. The procedure might last from 3-4 months. Before actually injecting collagen into the lips, the tests are carried out on the patient’s skin in order to check whether he is allergic or not. For more info about lip enhancement in Sydney, visit http://www.taylorclinic.com.au/lip-fillers/ •    Lip plumper: This is generally an artificial cosmetic which is done to provide you your desired shape of lips. The lip plumper if applied on the lips is said to make your lips more attractive, fuller for at least 6 hours minimum. The reason behind this is that, when a patient applies the lip plumper the blood flow is increased and the lips receive more blood supply. Hence, the lips look fuller than before.•    Fat filler: Another method to make your lips look beautiful is to treat them with fat injection. These injections will insert fat into your lips which will help them to increase in size. It has minimum side effects as your body fat is used to enhance the size.Pros of lip augmentation:    Saves time: After the non surgical methods of lip augmentation, it makes the patient get back to his wok after few hours of treatment. However, in case of surgery the patient can get back to work in a week’s time. Hence, it saves much of the time.    Better look: The biggest benefit of getting your lips enhanced by non surgical method is that you tend to get fuller and attractive lips which will enhance your beauty.     No risks: These methods usually avoid making patients suffer from any of the side effects, as far as possible.Cons of lips augmentation:    Bleeding and swelling: There are times when the doctors don’t check whether the patient is allergic to injections or not. In that case the patient may suffer from problems like swelling of lip and bleeding.